Everyone sleeps … but only one person sleeps like you. You sleep in your way. That’s why it’s time for your own unique mattress. With the help of our MyScan measuring system we make a 3D measurement of your body, taking your personal sleep preference and physique into account. Our mattresses are equipped with the Tube Layer System, with ten or fourteen adjustable tubes. The result of the 3D scan then determines the firmness of these tubes and is thus completely tailored to your body, so that you get exactly the support you need.

Experience your personal mattress in 3 easy steps!

  1. Scan your body
  2. Your personal tubes are configured
  3. Enjoy your mattress

Would you also like to experience how a personalized mattress will reshape the way you sleep? Then make an appointment for a MyScan measurement.

Configure your personal, customized mattress together with your sleep consultant.

MyScan Appointment

Perfect support thanks to our patented Tube Layer System

The patented Tube Layer System (TLS) combines pressure-relieving sleep and optimal support. The tubes provide personal support and are embedded in a layer of pressure-relieving, visco elastic foam. The ergonomically chosen locations between the gel-visco foam layer and pocket springs of the mattress allow the tubes to provide the perfect support and balance. The Perzona Individual 14 mattress has a Tube Layer System with 10 cm of pressure-relieving foam with 14 tubes. Easily and quickly determine which of the 5 different levels of hardness you need and where with the Perzona MyScan measuring system. The Perzona MyScan takes your height, weight and build of your shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, thighs and calves into account. After the measurement, you will directly receive advice on the length of the mattress and which kind of support suits you.

That is why no two Perzona mattresses are the same. With 14 zones and over 500,000 options, the Tube Layer System (TLS) always has the perfect solution for your good night’s sleep.

537,824 variations

enjoy carefree customized sleeping comfort

Easily register all your purchases to extend your warranty from the standard 2-year guarantee on mattresses and box-springs to a 15-year guarantee: reason enough to register your products. Please refer to the guarantee terms and conditions for further details. Follow the steps in the product registration to successfully complete registration.

With our 100-night trial exchange guarantee, we don't only promise you perfect personalized sleeping comfort, but also warrant it.

Your body changes over time, and it is therefore good to know that the Perzona Individual 14 and 10 mattresses can always be adjusted.*